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My name is Miles. I am a musician.

Professional Experience:

I started performing my own music in 2009.  I started teaching ad hoc private lessons in 2011 and have twice acted as visiting music director at EAC Montessori School of Ithaca. I have scored short films, composed and arranged for concert band, jazz ensemble, small groups, and mixed media/electronics. My electronic composition Nausea was selected for the 60x60 Wave Farm Mix in 2014. I studied music at Lawrence University where I performed in many ensembles, including the brilliantly acronymed LUJE, IGLU, and LUPÉ. I’ve since taught and performed in NYC and around the Midwest, touring with different projects. I’m currently living, playing, and teaching in New York City.
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We should all thank our teachers much, much more. Thank you to all my wonderful teachers over the years: Nancy Barrett, Mike Treat, Joe Salzano, Josh Oxford, Greg Evans, Jon Petronzio, Nicki Zawel, Ryan Zawel, José Encarnacion, Dane Richeson, Matt Turner, Mark Urness, Bill Carrothers, Patty Darling, and Bill Finizio.




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