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Work Friends

is a jazz/rock quintet, focusing on original music and improvisation. We met and recorded our debut EP in Appleton, WI.
Sam Pratt & Miles Allen - Tenor Saxophones
Matt Blair - Piano
Jakob Heinemann - Bass
Jeremiah Hawk - Drumset

“Jazz’s fusion with rock is often overlooked... but Work Friends is a clear case for that scene to get more attention and listeners... Work Friends stands out in their own way—a way that lies in the nuances of the improvising, compositions, approaches and so much more, a way that is sometimes as hard to put words to as it is warming.” - Izzy Yellen, Meditations on Music

Big Thanks

is a Minneapolis based trio spearheading the controversial “trash house” style.
Miles Allen - Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone
Matt Blair - Rhodes/Electronics
Jack Lussenden - Drumset


is an improvisational, contemporary music quartet.
Miles Allen - Tenor Saxophone
Jakob Heinemann - Bass
Matt Blair - Piano
Dan Reifsteck - Drumset

Currently based in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boston, the members of Figures have come together to record an album of original, improvisational music. The music incorporates a range of influences, reflecting the band members' diverse musical experiences in chamber ensembles and various jazz settings.

Dry Hiver 

is a rock band from the midwest.
Miles Allen - Guitar/Vocals/Compositions
Nathan Montgomery - Bass/Vocals
Adam Friedman - Drumset


is an experimental pop duo based in Minneapolis.
Sarah Clewett & Miles Allen

State Meets Floral

is a contemporary folk band based in Ithaca, NY.  We play original music.
Rosie Altucher - Vocals and Guitar
Cody Amadeo Zusman  - Cello
Jacob Friga - Bass
Miles Allen - Drums and Clarinet

"These young Ithaca musicians sound years beyond their age... This crew is designing their own unique sound." - Ithaca Times

"[State Meets Floral's] 'Living Room' EP is a smooth work of very, very listenable art, and well worth checking out in its own right; even more impressive is their ability to deliver the same on stage with an ease and maturity of style and content." - Jonathan Hochberg, Finger Lakes Music Press

Vice Versus

is a bicoastal improvising saxophone duo.
Sam Pratt - Tenor Saxophone
Miles Allen - Tenor Saxophone

Allen Miles