Green Sound

Green Sound is an improvisational jazz rock trio based in Appleton, WI.  We play original music.

Miles Allen - Saxophone                                                                           Keanan Wilson - Bass                                                                                       Alec Trickett - Drumset

"It is impossible not to bob your head at least a little to Green Sound’s hypnotically funky self-titled album, which pulls listeners in with its compact compositions and laid-back improvising. With a diverse set of backgrounds between the three of them—jazz, math rock and classical, to name a few—the trio molds genres together into something that is wonderfully ambiguous. It is less important what styles the music is routed in and rather more important that it gets you grooving and feeling good. A testament to the powerful effect friendship can have on music, “Green Sound” features the chemistry of saxophonist and senior Miles Allen, bassist and senior Keanan Wilson and drummer Alec Trickett." - Izzy Yellen, The Lawrentian

State Meets Floral

State Meets Floral is a contemporary folk band based in Ithaca, NY.  We play original music.

Rosie Altucher - Vocals and Guitar                                                           Cody Amadeo Zusman  - Cello                                                                 Jacob Friga - Bass                                                                                            Miles Allen - Drums and Clarinet

"These young Ithaca musicians sound years beyond their age... This crew is designing their own unique sound." - Ithaca Times

"[State Meets Floral's] 'Living Room' EP is a smooth work of very, very listenable art, and well worth checking out in its own right; even more impressive is their ability to deliver the same on stage with an ease and maturity of style and content in contrast to the age of the band." - Jonathan Hochberg, Finger Lakes Music Press